Welcome to the 3C Project which is researching the financial well‐being of people over 45 years of age.
The purpose of the project is to identify the ways that individuals can improve their economic wellbeing and how people can benefit.

The project involves a number of stages:

Stage 1

To identify: in Europe and the UK key ways to generate income for people over 45; the needs, including learning needs, of people over 45; and the ways services are provided to support older people (45+ years) in their income generation.

Stage 2

To develop a workbook to meet the needs of people over 45 year and ways they can be supported to generate income. The draft workbook will be piloted, before a final version is produced.

Stage 3

To produce a facilitators/trainer’s guide, which will be used by relevant service providers, to support people over 45 years, in their income generation activities.