Aims and Objectives

The project aims to:

  1. enable older adults through learning to access the changing situation of the labour market, and become active citizens
  2. understand these new emerging mechanisms and how they might be appropriate for older adults
  3. test the ideas in practical contexts, within different networks established in the labour market and by partners
  4. develop a learning Manual with resources to promote new economic activity
  5. develop practical resources for trainers and training organisations who might engage in similar work
  6. make policy recommendations to promote economic activity for older adults
  7. disseminate its products to the adult learning field.

The project’s objectives are to develop publish and disseminate a learning Manual and a Training Materials to:

  1. support new roles and access for older people and so counter isolation and disengagement
  2. promote better self-recognition and enhanced capabilities, leading to enhanced capacity, and so support active citizenship
  3. encourage empowerment through participation, engagement and association
  4. secure better chances for autonomy and independence
  5. develop innovative ways to enhance economic activity
  6. Inform appropriate policy and practice. This is a direct practical response to meet the learning needs of older adults and to enhance the development of the adult education curriculum in an area that has been identified as one where adult education has been judged to be weak.