Description of the programme

The '3C' project is designed as a response to the lifelong learning needs of older adults who are facing changing socio-economic changes that threaten their social and economic wellbeing. It is addressing the consequences of demographic change in the context of economic change, resulting from the current economic crisis. The '3C' project addresses the learning needs inherent in this situation to widen the opportunities for older people to make greater use of these opportunities.

Discussions and exchanges of papers between partners have developed into the project proposal. All partners have expertise from a significant engagement with older people's learning, but see there is more specific work needed as there is a lack of learning resources that address the needs of older people and economic activity.

The '3C' consortium is a partnership drawn from organisations that have substantial direct experience working with older adults. They have the capacity of working on the development of lifelong learning practice and addressing the issues facing people in life transitions and older years. They also share a long track record of working in transnational partnerships and as partners in many other EU projects and programmes. The consortium is designed to be a small working consortium of professionals rather than an introductory sharing of partner practices. The transnational meetings are designed to be task centred working meetings .The partners are purposefully drawn from different socio- economic regions reflecting both south, north and central Europe. All the partners have an international profile in lifelong learning and working with disadvantaged socio-economic groups. The choice of partners is based on reputation to deliver quality work to meet deadlines and the '3C' work plan clearly divides tasks across the partnership and reflects the expertise of individual partners. The work therefore takes into account the resources and competences of the individual partners and uses this to develop a single task centred plan of activities.