'3C' has identified 6 aims and 6 objectives which are realistic and achievable to deliver a successful project in three main phases; 1) scoping and understanding the state of the art. 2) producing appropriate useful materials for learning and for teaching. 3) disseminating and mainstreaming the lessons learned from the work and its products. This is seen as contributing to the wellbeing of a target group that is at increasing risk of isolation, welfare benefit dependency and inactivity. Learning and teaching in later life has itself to be relevant. '3C' challenges the existing over-emphasis on learning for leisure after a fixed pensionable retirement age and offers lifelong learning that is itself relevant to socio-economic change.

The WPs have been constructed to reflect the needs of the different elements of the work programme rather than a balance of volume of work required. From past experience the production of jointly written material often involves greater complexity and number of tasks and so needs longer time than a national report. The scheduling of the WPs has been carefully constructed, so that outcomes from completed WPs can inform subsequent work. The Management WP (1) and the Evaluation WP (WP 8) will run throughout the project’s lifetime. The Dissemination WP (WP 7) will start early in the project’s life in order to begin awareness raising and dissemination as early as possible, to maximise successful impact rather than leave dissemination until WP outputs are delivered. All the WPs are collaborative but the co-ordination of WPs is shared across the partnership and different co-ordinators will have responsibilities for different WPs. Co-ordinators will draw up detailed work plans, including specific milestones for their respective work package. Progress will be monitored within WP1 and discussed at transnational meetings. This will ensure transparency across the project is quality assured through the formative evaluation (WP 8). Quality is further enhanced as co-ordinators are working from their recognised professional strengths.