1st Meeting, the Kick-off meeting 13th Dec 2011

The 1st Meeting of 3C Project took place in Guilford. Τhe overall objective of the meeting was to clarify  the purpose of the project which include ways that individuals can improve their economic wellbeing and ways people can benefit.

Discussions addressed the following issues:

  • Finalization of the Timetable
  • The co-ordination of WPs was shared across the partnership and decided which coordinators are responsible for different WPs
  • Determination of the template for National Report:
    • Definitions of 3 C's
    • Demographic data - older workers in different economic  sections
    • Self-employed/employed
    • Changing situations
    • Different stakeholders
    • Access to labour market /unemployment
    • Relevant research findings 3 c's
    • Barriers to employment